About Me


Are you that lady that stands by her wardrobe, ten to twenty minutes every other day wandering what to put on, when in fact, you are staring at a full wardrobe. You have been invited to a special event and the only thing on your mind all week is “what should I wear”? Well first, I will like to tell you that you are not the only lady with that problem, so don’t worry about that. Second, you have got nothing to worry about because  MyStylishlook is here for you.

My name is Stella, I live in Italy with my loving husband and kids and I must confess that I used to be in the same dilemma as you until I figured out ways to solve the problem and this is what I will be sharing with you.

MyStylishlook was born out of the love for fashion and my aim is to teach you how to experiment with different types  of fashion. You will find inspiration, style tips, guidance and resource that will get you looking stylish without  breaking the bank . I believe your wardrobe can be your confidence booster and colors combined with the right accessories can add style to your everyday look.

MyStylishlook will not only help you figure out what works and what looks good on your body but will also give you guidance on making your online shopping experience fun. You will discover the secret to making that wardrobe with all those amazing fabrics and accessories work for you. It is time to put some effort into looking exceptionally beautiful, it is time to show the world your Stylish look.

Did I mention that I am a mother? Yes, I am and I will be writing a lot about Motherhood and my experiences on being a mother. I will  be writing about other women’s experiences too. This is  because I believe that sharing helps to encourage and empower the next woman. No one knows all it takes to be a mother but learning help us improve ourselves.

So endeavor to always tune in as you will be learning more about Motherhood and Style.

Be Stylish, Stella.