Fashion After Being A Mother

As most of you know, I am a mother and being one makes me understand the challenges mothers often face when it comes to fashion. Some of us allow the responsibilities of taking care of our little ones takeover the time and effort we normally  put into looking good. Yes, I know you have to bathe, feed, cook, clean and do whatever it takes to keep your kids and home together, but do you really want to give up fashion after being a mother? I don’t think so. A lot of ladies out there are mothers too and they have  set aside some time away from their busy schedules to care for themselves in order  to retain their stylish look. You can do that too.

Here are some steps that you may want to take:

1.Make sure you put your kids to bed early so as to have enough time to finish up your errands for the day, then relax. We all need that after a hectic day. While you are at it, think about what  you will like to wear to work the next day. This will also be a good time to put together the right outfits.

2. In the morning, get the kids ready first. While they are taking their breakfast, go get yourself ready. Remember, because you have your outfit put together from last night, the process becomes easier . Shower, dress up and do your make up. It is better keep it simple and fast.

3. A lot of you ladies have a daily beauty routine, you know what works for you when it comes to make up and skincare. You’ve got a few minutes here to get that done, it’s essential to keep the skin glowing and fresh, you do not want to start looking like your grandma because you are now a mom. Do what you have to do but do it fast, don’t keep the kids waiting for long.

These are some of the early morning routines that can help mothers who have to go to work. For mothers that have to stay home, you are not left out, in actual fact, this post is for you. Why do you have to let go of your fashion style because you are now a “Stay home Mom”. You still have to go grocery shopping, you have to meet up with your girlfriends, you have to attend that wedding, you have to go for date nights, the lists of places to go is endless. Do not go out without putting some efforts into your look.


  • Keep your skin glowing with beauty supplies that work for you.
  • Exercise daily, you probably gained some weight, which is okay, there are a lot of stylish clothes out there for you.
  • Stay up to date with fashion trend.
  • Go shopping , even if it’s only window shopping.
  • Meet up with other mothers and share with them the joys of motherhood.
  • Create time for some social activities, I know you are tired and have a lot to do but this will help bring some fun to your busy life.
  • Show up to parties looking glamorous, make every lady wish to be a stylish mother.
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Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Be stylish, Stella.




  1. Thanks for the kick up the bum! I read with interest your post about remaining stylish and fashionable under extreme pressure 🙂 When we become a mother, we put ourselves in the position of coming last all the time, understandably, but your tips have shown me how to plan ahead to make sure that I’m not looking like something the cat dragged in to work every day! Thanks for the information – I’ll put it to the test, and plan what I’m going to wear tomorrow, tonight!

    • Yes Alison, we often put ourselves in such positions but I think we will be more happy if we spare the time to care for us. Happy mother, happy kids.

  2. Really great and inciteful tips , I could make do with this now. Being a mum doesn’t mean we should go out of fashion. Mon ami thanks for the tips.

  3. This is so apt. As mums we need to remember to take good care of ourselves and not forget who we are. Thanks for sharing this post.

  4. this post makes motherhood easy and manageable ….not the regular coaster ride of whirlwind events and firebrigade rush mentality when you need to look good, or show up and out with friends on a short notice especially with a kid or a handful of them in your hand…thank you Stella for showing how to have your head above waters in early motherhood stages.

    • Motherhood is fun and should be seen like that. It can get hard but it is also in our power as mothers to turn it around. You are what you make of yourself. Thank you for your comment.

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