Gift Ideas For This Holiday

It’s that time of the year when we show our loved ones, family and friends how much we love and care about them. Of course there are a lot of ways to  show the people we love that we do love and care about them but, we will be focusing on the gifts or presents we can give them this holiday.

To make it easier for those of you that are too busy to go shopping, we have hand picked some fabulous gift ideas for you. what makes them so appealing is how beautiful and amazing these gifts are. To top it all, they are good products with good prices, You will not believe how affordable they are. 

These are some gift ideas for this holiday:

Calvin klein Eternity moment eau de parfum

You will agree with me that everyone love to smell good and this fragrance has been tested and approved by some well known stylish women. You cannot go wrong with this one. Click on the highlighted heading above to view.

Akribos XXIV Watch 

This watch is a practical accessory with true diamonds on the dial and double chain that give a touch of style. It can also serve as a bracelet.  Anyone will be very grateful to receive this gift from you. Click on the highlighted heading  above to view.

12 Sets of liquid lipstick matt

These liquid lipsticks come in 12 different colors that last long on the lips. They are great to apply and do not blur rather, they give you  the perfect matt finish effect. Click on the highlighted heading above to view.

Nicole & Doris fashion handbag  

A high quality fashion handbag that will make any lady happy. It can hold your makeup, purse, cell phone and whatever you want to fit in the bag.  You can’t overlook how gorgeous and beautiful it looks. Click on the highlighted heading above to view.

Fasherati Flower shaped earrings 

A trendy super stylish fashion jewelry that is a perfect combination of elegance and beauty. Wear it with any beautiful dress and dazzle on every occasion. Click on the highlighted heading  above to view.

 Puma Wedge Sneakers

Make someone happy by giving her this  Puma Vikky wedge L Fs sneaker. It can be worn with a pair of jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts and any casual outfit, you can’t go wrong with this, It is very beautiful. Click on the highlighted heading above to view.


This is trendy and beautiful. Any lady will be happy to be presented with this gift. It can be used when going to the office, when traveling or when going to anywhere that requires you to carry a lot of items. Click on the highlighted heading above to view. 

These gift ideas should help you think less about what to get for the people you love, make it easy for you this holiday by clicking on any of the items above. We know picking out gifts can be stressful, that’s why we did the job for you. Remember these gifts are not only beautiful but also very affordable.

Be Stylish, Stella



  1. oh yes! Stella you have really alleviated my worries on what to gift my loved ones this season…and the items are really nice and quite affordable like you cited…kudos and keep up the good works!

    • Hi Jackie,
      It is very important to choose our gifts carefully and it’s never too early to plan our budget. These items were carefully selected with cost in mind and I am glad you took note of that. Happy to help anytime.

    • Very nice gift ideas especially when you are on a tight budget. Christmas is a very special season for giving. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Stella 🙂
    I’m back in your page, and i must say you nailed one of the things i been wondering…what to get for holiday gifts!
    You recommended some awesome things my friends would love.
    Now i don’t feel as lost as before, keep posting awesome tips i love them 🙂

    • Thank you Arlet. I am always happy to help. Do not be a stranger, keep visiting the sit for more tips.

  3. Hi! Thanks for this awesome gift guide! I especially love the matte lipgloss set! That would make the perfect gift for my sister and it’s so affordable! I might have to buy a second for myself!

    I also love the backpack purse trend, but I don’t know that my friend would particularly like the Zaino Twig. Do you have any other recommendations for cute backpack purses?

    • Hi Jasmine

       The matte lip gloss set is amazing, I tried them and they had this long lasting effect that made me want to let every girl know about them. Your sister will love them. For more backpack recommendations, scroll up and search for backpack,  you will find a lot of backpacks to choose from. Thank you!

  4. Hey there! I really appreciate your article about gift ideas for this holiday. Every year I always buy gifts for my mom and sister and this year I don’t have any ideas on what should I buy for them. Luckily, I found your article that talks about gift ideas for this holiday. I will surely buy a bag for my sister and a perfume for my mom. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • HI John,

       Thank you for visiting my website. I appreciate the fact that you got  some nice gift ideas from reading this post, that was my aim. I hope your mom and sister like their gifts this holiday.  

  5. Very nice web page on gift ideas for this Christmas season. You have suggested some very nice gift ideas for the female shopper. You have provided very good descriptions of each gift and the link to Amazon to purchase the item. You have given me some great gift ideas for my wife this Christmas along with the place and a affordable price as well. Thank you very much and good luck with your website!

    • Thank you Mick, I felt I should relieve people of the burden of thinking about what to get for their love ones this holiday. I am happy to help anytime.

  6. As I have two sisters on my Holidays gifts to buy list you have gave me some great ideas and saved me some time!
    You’re right on the point to say anyone would love to get Calvin Klein Eternity moment eau de parfum this Christmas as a present!
    I know one of my sister would love to get the set of 12 liquid lipsticks!
    Thanks for sharing these great ideas to get on time for the Holidays!

    • Thank you Alejandra, Any lady  will be happy to get that Calvin Klein moment eau de parfum, it is worth every penny. As for the liquid lipstick set, I think your sister will love them. I am glad this was helpful.  

  7. What a great awesome gift guide you have here, like it a lot. Would I have seen it a little before because I have decided some gifts because of this guide?

    But about the Fasherati Gold And CZ Flower Shaped Earrings, would you say that this is the type of Earrings which you can use both casual and at Gala dinners?

    • Hi Johann,

      Thank you for appreciating the guild. Yes , you can use the  Fasherati flower shaped Earrings both ways. I will personally use them more for parties and dinners than casual. Please stop by again for more tips. Thanks again. 

  8. Thank you for these lovey gift ideas. I always have a hard time deciding what gifts to buy for my friends and family, especially when I’m on a tight budget.

    I have started gift-shopping and I can say that I’m halfway done. But I’m torn between cosmetics and fragrance for my best friend. Last year, I gave her a make up kit so I guess CK Eternity perfume would be perfect this time.

    • Hi Alice,

      Deciding the gifts to buy for our family and friends can be hard, that is why I chose to make it easy for people this holiday. Yes the Ck Eternity perfume would be a perfect gift and i think your friend will love it.  

  9. You have some really nice gift ideas here. I have bought a gift for my wife already but the bracelet watch you’ve got there looks amazing. It looks like something she will love, I will be checking it out.

  10. Dear Stella, the fashion handbags, are awesome please how long will it take to get to Nigeria once I make my request ?

    • Hi Chidi,
      Thank you for visiting this site. Yes, the bags are very beautiful. Amazon will inform you the date an item will arrive, when purchased .

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