Looking Stylish In Ankara Fashion

As you all know, fashion has no limit and been creative with your style helps you make the statement you want. I recently went to a beautiful wedding where a lot of  ladies, certainly made some fashion statements with their styles and I couldn’t stop admiring and falling in love again with the Ankara fashion. The  occasion showcased African prints in all it’s beauty and glory, this makes me want to bring to your knowledge, the various ways you can look stylish in Ankara prints. For those who have no item of clothing made from this colorful fabric, I think it’s time to make one and these are the reasons why I know anyone can look amazingly stylish in Ankara fashion.




We all love jumpsuits because of how we look cute and feel comfortable in them so making one with the Ankara print will be a nice idea. This beautiful prints can be designed to  fit the shape of your body  regardless of  how tall or short you are. You can determine how you want the style of your Ankara print to look because, it gets custom made just for you.  MadeByMe Garments  is one of the great designers out there whose specialty is getting lovely custom made  Ankara prints  done for anyone.



Get that stylish skirt you love made with Ankara prints. You can pair almost any blouse or shirt with this prints. what makes it more appealing is the fact that you can get it done in any type of style you want. From wrap to pencil and mini to maxi. All you have to do is choose the style you like  and it will be done.  Making a pair of trousers or shirt  for your man with this beautiful print can also be a plus for you. He will simply  pair it up with his pants or Jeans and he is good to go.



You will absolutely love it when you make shorts with the Ankara prints. You can choose to wear it casual by pairing it up with a t-shirt or blouse,  or decide to look glam by pairing it up with a matching blazer or  blouse made out of the same print. When pairing with a matching blazer, wear a shirt made from a different fabric.



As we already know by now, Ankara  prints can be designed into any style you want it. So why not make a shirt (long or short) out  of it. Make lovely styled blouses that can be show stoppers out of this prints and pair them up with  leggings, denim, shorts and pants. You are guaranteed to feel fresh and stylish when you stroll into any  party   looking all glamorous in a unique way.




Here is one unique way to make a fashion statement, show up with a stylish gown made with Ankara prints to a big occasion. You will definitely be admired by the fashion lovers there.  Ankara prints can be made into any style of gown and I mean gowns for formal occasions. Be it a wedding party or a red carpet event, trust me, you will wow the crowd by showing up in a gown made with Ankara prints.


There is absolutely no limit when it comes to making clothes with Ankara prints. Be creative, think of how your  next outfit should look like and get it done! It’s as simple as that. There are a lot of amazing Ankara fashion designers out there ready to make a custom made one for you. I recently got some styled by MadeByMe Garments. You can reach them  through the numbers I’ll leave below. Let me know what you think about Ankara fashion by writing a COMMENT below.

MadeByMe Garments : +234 8089629904,   +234 8178912207 , 08089629904, 08178912207

Be Stylish, Stella.



  1. That’s a true African, looking good for every moment. The uniqueness of our fabrics when worn brings out the African in us.

  2. …..very stylish and uniqie outfits for all race and colors not Africans alone …the prints and styles are so uniquely defined and exquisite….display of complete Africanism!

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