Looking Stylish In Metallic Fashion

Metallic fashion is here to stay, so why not look stylish in them.  We wake up everyday to see a new design  and they keep getting fancier by the day. Metallic clothes, shoes and bags are going nowhere for now. The fashion World have embraced them and I think they will be around , so while they are here, lets keep having fun with them.

The fun thing about metallic fashion, be it the silver or gold, is that you can pair them up with any outfit.  The most boring looks can be transformed  with the help of metallic. They add shine to a plain ensemble.


They come in different shapes- pumps, stilettos, boots, and sneakers. They are  beautifully designed and are very comfortable. Sometimes, it is hard to make a choice when they are on display because the next one is prettier than the other. The amazing part is the price, they are affordable and you do not have to break the bank in order purchase them. They come in silver and gold and can be worn with anything.


These bags are eye popping and can be noticed from a long distant. You cannot go wrong with them. They are also beautifully designed and are in different shapes and sizes like clutch and cross bags. The good thing about these bags is that they complement any outfit you have on.


The most popular of these clothes are the shimmering 80s pleated skirts. There are also the metallic poker dot skirts, dresses, pants, tops and coats. These  shiny clothes are very  beautiful and are not only worn for parties but also on week days. Ladies are boldly wearing them to work and other places these days. You will look amazing when you pair up a nice top with a metallic pant or skirt.  Incorporate a metallic Jacket to a simple outfit and watch it transform the entire look.



Metallic Fashion is here to stay, you  may as well use them to your own advantage. They can be worn in any season and add a spark that make ladies look better. They give a whole new style without busting the account.  Update your wardrobe with some of them. Have fun matching an outdated top or pant with a metallic item, wear a pair of jeans with a metallic top,  jazz it up with some nice Jewelry and you are good to go. You can’t go wrong with  metallic outfits, so embrace the fashion and look stylish.

Leave a comment  below about what you think of Metallic Fashion.

Be Stylish, Stella.




  1. Wow mettalic it is then…you know I had always associated mettalic with rock stars and runway fashion bits…but you have given it an accessible and approachable soft outlook to incorporate in our dailies….thank you for these new approaches Stella!

    • Metallic fashion is not only for the stars. There are very simply and beautiful ones for regular people like you and I. You can get them from any clothing store or shoes store. You will be surprise at how affordable they are. It’s the way to go.

  2. I need to get some metallic shoes always admired them but felt it was too loud. I will definitely try out this look with some new shoes. Nice one.

  3. Just like Jackie said, I never thought of it in this light, but I’ll sure give it a try this winter, but i think a metallic top with some kicks ass jeans and ankle boots will do for me😃 thanks for the push Stella

  4. Just like Jackie said, I never thought of it in this light, but I’ll sure give it a try this winter, but i think a metallic top with some kick ass jeans and ankle boots will do for me😃 thanks for the push Stella

  5. I too thought metallic was for goth like people or hard rock stars on stage.

    While I personally still don’t think I would wear something like this, I bet my wife would love this type of style and would consider buying a purse or shoes in metallic.

    Do you own anything in this style? If not what would be your first item you would want to buy if you had a choice.

    • Hi Micheal, 

      Metallic fashion is not only for Rock stars. I can picture what you are thinking in my head but no, we are talking about the everyday fashion for people like you and me. Your wife may actually know about them , they are everywhere in the stores now and are very beautiful and yes I have a pair of metallic shoes. The skirt you see in the picture belongs to me. They are very comfortable. Thank you for visiting my site.

  6. Hi there,

    All I can say is WOW! These are just beautiful!
    To be honest, I’ve never seen that in my whole life.
    The pair of shoes and the bag would fit wonderfully on jeans. I just would like to know if the material is metal? Or it is only the color? If it is made from metal, are there comfortable?Aren’t they too heavy?

    Thank you for this great post!

    • Hi Daniella, 

      Thank you for visiting my site. Yes Metallic bags and shoes are very beautiful. I am sure you have seen people wearing them without taking note. No, they are not metal, they are very comfortable to wear. Next time you go shopping, you will see them especially now that you know that they are out there. Have fun trying new things.  

  7. Hi ! I love your post!
    I always get nervous trying to pull off metallic shoes, but I love them, and as you mention they can be used in any season…I think i might get a skirt like that one, it’s lovely.
    I can’t wait for more stylish looks! We have to embrace them 😀
    Thanks for sharing Stella

    • Hello Arlet,
      Thank you for loving my post. Some people feel reluctant to wear metallic clothes, shoes or bags but I think you can pull them off, there are some really simple ones out there . They add some shine to our look. You can start by wearing one to a party , that will help shake off the nervousness, with time, you will get use to it and start wearing it more often.

  8. Ive loved the metallic look but I didnt know it was in fashion. I love the way it makes something look a bit rock and roll and gives you an edgier look, even if your not lol. I love the skirt you featured as it is not too much and is something I could wear to work as well.

    • Hi Archtrove

      Thank you for visiting my site. It’s nice to know that you love metallic fashion. They make outfits go from simple to fabulous and yes you can definitely wear that skirt to work, like you said, it’s not too much. 

  9. Stella, I must say the metallic look is very stunning. I have got to get me a pair of those b-o-o-o-t-s!! Now that’s what I call a signature fashion statement! I love to wear outfits with a little bling (in the right places). I want them to see me coming but not blind them.(lol)
    You are correct that it is versatile–I love that flexibility to dress it up or down with a little flair!

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