Men And Style

Have you ever seen a  glamorous Lady walk  into someplace with her  husband or boyfriend behind, looking like they are both from two different worlds? Yes, She is looking like she had just stepped out of a magazine while, he is looking like he just rolled out of the bed a few minutes ago. Who is to be blamed in circumstances like this, the fashionable wife or the husband who  refuses to put some effort into looking good  like his wife? I understand that some men need to be pushed  into doing somethings but a gentle nod in the right direction could do a lot of good. Men can be stylish too.

Did I hear you say” why” or “when” do I need style?

Style is the manner by which you do something and the focus here is on the way you appear . Sometimes just a glance at someone tells a lot about the person.  As for when you need it, here are some examples:

  • When hanging out with the guys.This could be in a bar or some other place, the way you dress  should fit the type of environment you plan to meet up with the guys.
  • Going out for a date. I am sure your wife or girlfriend has put a lot of effort into getting herself ready, make an effort too by looking good .Try to impress her.
  • Little things like picking up the kids from the school also counts, other parents are there taking note . Even when it seems like  they do not care, they do.
  • Going to an important meeting or interview. The first thing the person you are meeting with will notice, is your appearance, make it count.
  • When attending a wedding or an occasion , the invitation often comes with a dress code which makes it easier to know what to put on. For those invitations without a dress code, make an effort to look good.
  • Most of you travel a lot for  work or pleasure and the way you look when you show up at the airport tells the kind of person you are. A little bit of style  can make people give you the kind of respect you deserve.

Generally, your appearance tells a lot about you and  men that know that, have got an advantage over those that do not know or may know but choose not to be bothered. One thing you should note is that women are attracted to good looking men and if your wife or girlfriend is the stylish type, then it will be a plus, if you’ve got style too.



This look can be achieved with ease  by just  making a little effort. Get a pair of shorts or jeans as you desire. Match it with a clean shirt then put on a pair of sandals or sneakers and you are good to go.



A nice looking pair of pants with a  long sleeve shirt and a good  jacket always makes a man look amazing. The jacket does not have to match with the pants, in fact, you give out the sexy vibe when the jacket is made out of a different material. Matching the Jacket with a pair of jeans is also not a bad idea. Complete the look with a good pair of shoes.



Most men always get  it right when it comes to being formal. This could be another day at the office or you are going for an event. Either way, a good suit always does the job of making you look smart. I personally think all men look good in suits and women love to see their men in suits. So put on that suit and complete the look with a nice pair of shoes and there you go.

These are my opinions, I know you’ve got some of yours too, let me know by leaving a COMMENT below.

Be Stylish, Stella.




  1. Thank you so much Stella, this can not be over emphasized, a lot of men need to pay extra attention to their appearance. Good job!

  2. Hi Stella! I really enjoyed reading through your post because as a guy, I have often been the guilty one of not always looking “stylish”. I have mixed feeling about the idea of being “stylish” though. Firstly, I think it’s great that your providing awareness and education on how to look better in public. My only hesitation is that from my experience, it can be intimidating to feel the pressure of always looking “stylish” when going out in public. I don’t necessarily think you need to be wearing chic clothing to garner respect. I’m just playing devil’s advocate though, your post was definitely an interesting read. How do you feel about guys who want to wear something really casual more often than not? From my experience, casual = comfort. 🙂

    • Hey Kent, there is nothing wrong with wearing something casual, of course you don’t have to be stylish always but it will be nice to look all cleaned up when going out. Ladies love to see their man looking good. 

  3. Hi, Stella.
    Well, it is important that men put the same effort as we girls when going out. It is so annoying when they complain we take long, but they seem like they just put the first clothes they found hanging.
    Do you have any ideas of which colors can be used for a semicasual look?

    • You are right TG, they complain and say that it takes women long to get ready when all they do is to put on anything they see.  This can be annoying at times. I love light blue or white shirt on brown short but then it really depends on what the person likes.

  4. This is a wake up call for us guys. It’s feels good to know that you ladies do pay attention when we make the effort. I like looking casual but like you said, adding a little effort will not hurt. Thank you for this post.

  5. Good article! I’ll for sure admit that I am fashionably challenged I get super lazy when I have to go somewhere and I just put a bunch of stuff on and hope it looks sort of good lol thanks to your article I have a general idea how fashion plays a role into the world.

    • Hi Marquis, thank you for visiting this website. Fashion does have a role to play, that’s why it is good to put in some effort when going out. If anything, looking good makes one feel good too.

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