Motherhood Is It Hard or Sweet

Is Motherhood hard or sweet? This is a question most women ask when they are about to embark on the journey, alongside questions like, “Am I ready for this?”, “Can I do this?”, “What if I fail as a mother?” the  list is endless. We all want to be mentally, emotionally and financially ready before taking the step but is anyone fully prepared when the time comes?  Is Motherhood fun, joyful, hard or sweet?

One thing I am sure about motherhood is that it is exciting, there is never a dull moment. From the day you find out that you are expecting, to the day you have your baby and from the first day of Kindergarten, to the graduation day, there is never a dull moment .

I remember eaves dropping  when my mother and a friend where having a discussion about how a mother never stops to worry over her child no matter the age.  I understand exactly what they meant now. Mothers start worrying about their children from the very beginning. When they are babies,  you are worried when they won’t stop crying. When they are toddlers, you are worried about them hurting themselves with one object or the other. When they start school, you are worried about them settling fine, getting good grades, playmates etc. When they are in their teens, that’s when it gets intensified , you are worried about everything- school, the company they keep, the way they dress  and  even when the children are all grown, you can’t help but  worry about their boyfriends or girlfriends, jobs, health, grandchildren and it goes on and on.

Yes, being a mother comes with a lot of responsibilities, but with that also comes an unending happiness that makes you wonder what your life will be without the children. The journey has it’s ups and downs. Sometimes you want to cry and sometimes you want to laugh hard, sometimes you are sad and sometimes you are filled with joy and happiness, sometimes you are very proud and sometimes you want to run away and hide. There is no limit to the type of emotions that over whelms you at the various stages of your children’s lives.

As it is, we are never fully prepared for what we are going to face but it  helps to have some kind of arrangement that will work for us.

  • It helps to share with fellow mothers around you. Listen to their advice about what helped them when they were passing through a similar situation at the various stages of their children’s life.
  • Having playmates that you “know” also helps, you can arrange with the other parents on when to come over and  when your children can visit . Most people find out how well their children are doing by comparing them to the other kids this way. It may not be a good idea because every child grows and learn at his or her own pace.
  • Always make your children feel special. This is very important, every child deserves to grow up feeling loved. What you think is nothing, matters a lot to them. Give them the attention they need and never forget a birthday or any special day.
  • Always create some alone time for yourself. Do not feel guilty about this, it will help you be a better mum. Some women have a” mum cave” where they relax and revive their energy. You need that energy to be able to give all the love and care you can.
  • Never allow anyone make you feel like you are not a good mum. Try to do your best in every situation and keep a positive attitude. Most importantly Be happy.

Motherhood may be hard or sweet but it’s nothing compare to a lifetime of hugs, love and beautiful smiles from a child . I will not exchange those for anything.

love Stella.