Mothers And Daughters- How You Are Her Style Role Model

I love it when I see a Mother and her beautiful daughter out together, holding hands, chatting and laughing as they take a stroll. You can tell by the way the little girl is holding on to her mother and looking into her eyes that she is happy and having fun. Our little ones, especially our daughters, hold us in high esteem. They like to dress like us, talk like us, listen to us and do whatever we do.

Are you a role model for your daughter or are you gonna let her pick a role model from one of the stars on TV or on social media? One thing you should know is that children always look up to somebody who they feel is their hero or respect so much, and if your daughter wants a role model, it might as well be you. Don’t get me wrong, they know you are their parents and count on you for everything but they also need a role model.

I once had my daughters friends over for a sleepover and was listening to their conversation while getting snacks when  they started talking about “who to dress up like”. One said she will like to dress up like “Katy Perry”, another said she prefers “Violetta” ( a Spanish actress) and when it was Silvia (my daughter)’s turn she said “like my mother”.  Wow! I was blown away by that, and of course I  felt proud. It reminded me of a friend whose daughter wouldn’t go shopping without her mum.  She  always brags about her mother being  a fashionista and will like to wear whatever she recommends. It makes one wonder why at this time and age, a sixteen years old girl is not going along with what her peers think is cool, rather, she is seeking for her mother’s advice.

You develop an amazing bond with your daughter when you do things together, not to mention the fun you have while at it. Do things like;

  • Shopping with her. Pick out something lovely together.
  • Get your hair and hers done together at the salon.
  • Go to the movies together. Watch a movie that she has been longing to see with her.
  • Play dress up with her, she could be your stylist for that day.
  • Do some school work together. Play the teacher, give her some sums to solve.
  • Plan a new recipe. Let her add the spices, and bring things from the fridge to you while you stir the soup and cook together.
  • Try new things together and talk about it.
  • Find out her opinion about things and always let her express her feelings.


You are not doing these things because you’ve got too much time to spare, you are doing it because you are trying to have a relationship with daughter. Make her trust you and come to you whenever she needs help. If there is a problem, you should be the first person she will want to talk to, not a friend and definitely not some stranger. Remember we love our daughters and want to share a bond with them but do not cross the line. Be the parent, not the friend.

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Be Stylish, Stella.



  1. I just so happen to stumble upon this content. It is very true my wife and my daughter are the same person. The only difference is the age.

    She looks up to her so much and we often find her trying on her mothers clothing and things putting together outfits just as she sees her mother do. I will be sure to share this on social media.

  2. I always wanted a daughter and ended up with three sons. With that being said, I can remember going shopping with my mom and yes, she was my style role model. Now I have probably digressed as I have gotten older. I tend to be more of the shabby beach hippy type clothes, LOL. I don’t think, if I had a daughter, that she would follow in my footsteps. Maybe roll her eyes LOL.

    • Thank you matt’s mom. I am sure if you had a daughter, she will definitely pick something from you.

  3. Very true dear. My mom and grandmum have been by style models. Very stylish people I must say. Mum’s should raise the bar and set the standard.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post. I also feel very alike to my mum. And this age this becomes more and more evident.

    Like ti’s the same mannerism and style. I will share this post with my friend. She often tells me that she feels the same way. I hope one day to have a little girl and be a role morel for her.

    • Thank you dreamgirl93 . I am glad you enjoyed reading the post. I hope one day you will have a daughter of your own , you will be a good role model for her.

  5. I Love this post. Mothers are truly a good role model to their daughters. I hope every woman will use these tips you have given. Thank you for this.

  6. I have two children ( a girl and a boy) and they happen to like trying on my shoes, they are serious shoe lovers😃. I will definitely give this a try, Amazing job Stella! Well done!

  7. Great read. I am a dad to a son but he isn’t much into style. But growing up I my sister was always into some weird new style. I wish I could add more but just not really into all the style stuff since I’m a guy and my days of being stylish are pretty much a thing of the past. Well written article.

  8. thank you for the insight into the world of mums and daughters fashion bit , sounds like fun and very interesting…Im really hoping to live out with my daughters when they come.

  9. Great post, joy of motherhood the bound that holds a mother and their daughters is in explain able

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