Musi Brazilian Virgin Hair Review

Ladies love looking stylish and a good hair style plays a major role in that.  We know that they feel more prettier when they are having a good hair day. Someone once told me that as long as a lady  has got the right hair style and good looking shoes, she can put anything on and still look fabulous. I think that person is right. That is why I want to share this beautiful weave on I installed with you stylish ladies. They were so good that I ordered more.

Musi Brazilian Virgin Hair

I was fortunate enough to come across this hair when I was looking for a change in hairstyle.  The holiday was around the corner and I wanted to look good for some upcoming events. While searching for some new hairstyles, I saw this lovely  hair. I knew immediately that it will be perfect. Weave on come in all shapes and colors these days and sometimes we buy the wrong ones. Of course, you will be disappointed when the weave on you purchased arrives and they are not as good as what you saw. That is why choosing the right one should be your main priority. Some may look beautiful and gorgeous when you install them but after a while they begin to shed hair. On some occasions, the hair could go bad or tangle.

Why Musi Brazilian Virgin Hair ?   

I’ll tell you why

  • They come in three bundles.
  • They arrived on time. Don’t you like that? Some products take like forever to arrive, sometimes I even forget that I had ordered something until I see it arrive. That sucks, You have the need now, that’s why you purchased it, why can’t you have it when you need it? Why do you have to wait that long to use something you already paid for?
  • They  arrive undamaged.  Yes, they are well packaged and unscratched.
  • Now this is the amazing part, They are very beautiful. They are luscious, curly and full.
  • They hardly shed. I know most weave on shed  (and that does not mean that the weave on is bad). Some shed excessively that before you know it, your clothes are covered with hair, that’s not cool.
  • They are 100 percent virgin hair. Don’t you like that? you paid for virgin hair and actually get that and not some mixed or synthetic  version.
  • They are 300 grams . You may end up not using all weave on depending on the size of your head.
  •  You can dye the hair as much as you like without damaging them. You can install black hair today and next month you change it to blond. That’s how good this hair is.
  • You can curl them easily with Flexi rods.
  •  They can be styled the way you want your hair to look without much fuse.
  • You can make a wig with this weave on. For those that are experts in making wigs, this hair is what you need to make that wig that will last for a long time. For those that can’t make wigs but will like to have one, take the weave on to your hair stylist and he or she will get it done for you.
  • The amazing thing about this weave on is that they are quite affordable. They come in different sizes which makes it easier for you to choose the one you can pay for.

You will find all the Qualities you desire in a good hair with the Musi Brazilian Virgin Hair and I bet a trial will convince you. Click on any of the red tabs for a better view of the hair.  Let me know what you think by leaving a COMMENT below.

Be Stylish, Stella.




  1. oh great just when Im stuck on what to do to my hair!….the hair looks rich, bouncy and alive …I also like the tangle free and coloring freestyle nature…it sure is a must-have to rock this season!

  2. HI Stella, I just showed this hair to my wife and she loves it. She said that she can tell from looking at it that it is a very good product. It always nice to read your reviews as you have a very good knowledge of what you write about. I am sure my wife will be checking out this hair.

    • Hi Anthony, Thank you for the compliments. I can assure your wife that this weave on is very good, she will not be disappointed. Like I said before, I have tried it and it is worth every penny.

  3. Nice review on the musi hair. Alot of fake brazilian weaves are currently in the market. I can testify the first one i bought got so tangled that I couldn’t comb through it. Had to take it off and throw it away. I will definitely give this a try. Should be worth every penny.

  4. Thanks for an amazing write up Stella, the hair sure looks good and I will give it a try😉

  5. This is an interesting topic to me because I know almost nothing about it.
    For instance, I thought real hair pieces would be really expensive and only synthetic hair pieces are affordable for most people.
    I also thought it would be very difficult to change the color. Nice to be wrong!
    I’ll be happy to return to your site and get more fashion advice!

    • Hi Dancinscot,  

      Thank you for visiting this site. Yes real hair is expensive but sometimes you get a good deal, like when there’s a sale . It’s my job to inform people when I see good deals like this. Also, the shorter the inches, the smaller in price. Do come back for more tips.

  6. Great article! Thanks Stella.

    This hair looks really nice. When I’m shopping for hair, I literally spend hours going from shop to shop trying to find the right hair – as you quite rightly said with great hair and shoes … you’re good to go.

    However, I have an allergic reaction to synthetic hair I purchase regardless of brand – I’m not sure why.
    I’ve never tried virgin hair before so I’ll think I’ll give it a go. Maybe this is the solution I’m looking for.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Jacqueline,

      I understand what you mean by going from shop to shop to find the right hair. That used to be me.  I like making the right choice and would go the extra mile in order to get what I want.  Some people do have allergic reactions to Synthetic hair but I believe you will not have the same problem with Virgin hair. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

  7. Hi there,
    I love your site and your effort is very apparent.

    I would like to see your image sooner on your about page.Maybe at the top…

    Your information on the Virgin hair review is really well done and I am learning to make my images bigger so maybe the small one could be bigger and maybe a few more images with different colors or styles…You know us gals, we are so visual…we love pics.

    I am inspired by your site!

    • Hi Annette,

      Thank you for the compliment, I am glad you like the site. I do have an image on my about me page , if you can take some time to surf through my website, you will see it. I also have some interesting articles with tips that you could find useful.  Do visit again for more tips on how to look stylish.

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