Things To Do This Holiday

We all love the holidays and everything about this period. It is a family time for almost every person. We want to enjoy the company of those we love and  have some fun with them. For some of you, spending the holidays alone could be your only choice. Do you want to be with your family but can’t make it? Don’t worry, there are a lot of fun activities you can do to make youself happy. Lets get to the things that we can do this holiday.


  • Start the holiday by visiting a Salon. Why not? The first thing about enjoying yourself is to feel great. Go get a fresh look, hair, make up, manicure and pedicure. Try out some new beauty products, who knows, they might be what your skin need. Make you feel good and get into the holiday spirit.
  • Go shopping. Yes! shopping. There is no holiday that goes by without people shopping for either themselves or their loved ones. Even if you are tight on budget, don’t let that discourage you. Go to the mall and the stores, do some window shopping, it always feels good to take a walk with people around. Breath in the fresh air and keep your spirit high with all the joy and happiness flowing around.
  • Cook something you have never cooked before. This also works for those that do not know how to cook. This is the time to try cooking something. Get a cookbook or use the internet to learn how to cook a dish you have always longed for or something entirely new. Prepare the dish by using the recipe you find. You maybe surprise by how well it will turn out. Whether it turns out good or bad, be proud of yourself for trying.
  • Go to a movie theater and watch something new . A lot of movies come out before and during the holidays which makes this the perfect time to go and watch a new movie.  Make it fun by going with your family or a friend .
  • Throw a party. Who said you can’t? It doesn’t have to be a big one. Call a few close friends and family members and invite them over. You can keep it simple by making it a dinner party. Cook some food, buy some drinks,   plan some games and Play some music. When they come over, they  will chat, keep you company, dance and have fun, it’s the holidays. Who knows, you could get invited to a party too.
  • Pay someone a visit. Some people are very lonely and have no family or loved one around. This is the time to show them that we love and care. You can bring some joy into someone’s life by just paying them a visit. If you have some money to spare, take a gift along, and if you do not have, don’t let that stop you, your smile and hug is enough.
  • Go Ice skating with the family. Children love to skate and you will rock their world by taking them out this holiday  for ice skating. This way you get to have fun with your children and they enjoy playing and ice skating with daddy and mummy.
  • Is there something fun you have been putting off to do because you were working? Now will be a good time to do it. Go for it, try something new and have fun. Make yourself happy, You deserve it!

These are just a few things you can do this holiday and they are for people who can not travel, If you can take a  trip,  do it, discover new places, take an adventure and have fun.

Be Stylish, Stella.



  1. It always feels good visiting your website. You give the best tips in your articles. I cannot travel this holiday and have been thinking of what to do with my time. Now I’ve got a list of things to do. I may even throw a party like you suggested, why not? Planning it will give me a lot to do. Thanks for the tips Stella.

    • You are welcome Anthony. I am sorry you are not able to travel but hey, there are a lot of fun activities you can do. I like the fact that you are willing to throw a party, that is the spirit! Go for it, it will be fun and it sure will give a number of things to do while planning. Happy holidays.

  2. Hmm always on point, too many tips on just one site! Thumbs up to you and thanks for the info cos my vacation is settled

  3. As a certified foodie I’m definitely going to be using your tip on trying out a new recipe, Thanks for this amazing write up!

    • You are welcome Omolara. You actually got me laughing about being a certified foodie. It sure will be good for you to try a new recipe. Enjoy the holidays.

  4. Thanks for these awesome tips on things to do this holiday. I particularly like your tip on cooking something new. I love to bake and the holidays are the best time to experiment with recipes as you can bake more during the holidays as opposed to the rest of the year.

    Do you have any favorite/traditional recipes I could try?

    • Hi Barb,
      It is a good thing that you love to bake, most people will rather go and buy them from the store. The holidays are indeed the best time to try new recipes because we have the time to do all the cooking we want, not to forget that there are a lot of mouths to feed during the holidays. My favorite is the Apple pie, I had to learn how to make it on the internet. Thank you for visiting this website.

  5. Very inspiring tips . I always try to make the holidays interesting. Will try a new recipe. Sure would be fun.

  6. There are times when you have to let your hair down and i find that the best way for me to relax is i nice pint of beer and watching a great DVD movie, something that i can immerse myself into. Another thing i like to do to relax is gardening, especially in the summer when the sun makes everything come alive.

    • yes, you are right Andrew, there are times we have to let go and relax and watching a great movie will do. It always help to do the things we love during this period.

  7. very refreshing tips on how to spend the holidays! thanks Stella!…shopping and having friends over normaly works for me, but Im gona try something different this time around!

  8. I have decided to plan a party and I must say that planing it has given me a lot to do. It is actually fun and I can’t wait for the day to arrive. Thanks for giving me the idea.

    • You are welcome Anthony. I am happy that my article has helped you to figure out what to do this holiday. I hope you and your guest have fun at the party.

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